It’s all about.... Pop-Up’s 

Ähhh, what?

It’s all about, is a unique concept framed by content that will pop-up and not sticking to time sketch.  

The Pop-Up-Shop: The collcetions appears sponantously and no season sticks with it.  Good thing, we all don’t get bored, becuase the designer can be a creative as possible. Products made from love. Small limited in german produced collections. You and a handfull other people just will own this. But don’t worry, in case you really want more, you defnitly can talk with us, because we producing local.  

The Pop-Up-Thoughts: Yeah you know clothing, it’s always a little bit shallow... but is not. Just the the companys are are saling it shallow and acting not responsible. etc. etc... We could shit up this for hours. But what is it about.... It’s all about expanding your conscoisouns with fun. Raising your thoughts! You want more quality and cooler Lifestyl then just follow the topics. It will be about, You, World, Us... clothing :P. Trends. Innovation. Everything what is in and should be a topic. Content with what you can show off, what a beauty mind you have.  ///  Here we write essays about the current topics in the world. Article who  expand your frames….change your toughts, who open up your mind,  who confirm your thinking. Etc.

Little funky addon of who write the articel: Is the disigner of her own, volonteers and even you, if you have something good to say.???